Welcome to the International SEN Group!

Welcome to the International SEN Group (ISENG), I hope you enjoy the materials available on this site. Whether you’re looking for additional resources or the community forum, this free-forever website aims to connect people across the world. If you’re working in international education, involved in SEN, Wellbeing or Gifted & Talented – this website is for you.

I set up ISENG in the fall of 2020, facing a rather disconnected world due to Covid-19. Since then it’s grown slowly but steadily in members. I’m continuously looking to grow this free community further. If you want to be part of that, please sign up today!



Always Under Development
I’ll just come out and say it right away: This website is a labour of love on the side. I have a fulltime job and am currently taking a part time Master’s in Science course. As such, as you can imagine, free time is very limited. Therefore, my apologies in advance. This website will grow very slowly, since my other commitments come first!