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Privacy Policy
Your privacy is an important matter and protected by law. Read on how I (Jaap Marsman) have built this website "International SEN Group" (listed as ISENG from here on) in such a way to safeguard your privacy. **The building blocks on which this site operates** - The entire website is hosted with [Neostrada](https://www.neostrada.nl/), a shared web hosting company based in the Netherlands. The server is located there. By contract and through a processing agreement, I am the only person with access to the data stored there. - The website runs on open-source software called [HumHub](https://github.com/humhub/humhub/). Every action you take within the site is processed within this software package. This local copy is completely maintained on the Neostrada hosting package and your data is not transferred out of this site. - By signing up to ISENG, you give permission for the data you've entered to be stored (through an encrypted connection) within the site's database. - By hosting ISENG as a separate entity on this independent hosting company, I feel this is *privacy by design* as stipulated by the *General Data Protection Regulation* (GDPR). Your data is there by your explicit choice and does not travel anywhere else. - Within the HumHub system, you always maintain the right to delete your account. All your data will be deleted from the server in this manner. **Your responsibility** All data stored in this system is data you've put there yourself. You can easily delete your own account if you want. It's deleted from the system completely when you do this. No data is kept if you leave. So you are 100% responsible for any information you put on this website and I will hold you accountable for this as well. The Terms & Conditions for ISENG state more clearly what code of conduct is expected from all members. **Cookies** The platform hosted on this server (HumHub) creates cookies to make sure it functions properly. This is required to record what page you are on, what settings you've ticked, etc. No cookies are sent / shared with external websites. By signing up to ISENG you hereby give explicit permission for ISENG to store cookies on your computer. **Tracking by Google, Facebook, etc.** No data is shared with any external agencies. I have no installed any tracking software (e.g. the Facebook pixel or anything like that). I run this website as a labour of love, not for monetisation purposes. I would of course appreciate if you shared news about this site on your own private Facebook/Twitter/Google/whatever account. But that's different to me secretly giving permission to these companies to track what you do on this site. Which I haven't done. As an ex-GDPR Officer, trust me, your privacy is very precious to me. Using a site like this means you trust me to run an honest service and that's an important promise for me to keep. So, yes, I understand it might be awkward to create "yet another" account on the internet. You can't sign in with Google, or with Facebook, or with LinkedIn. This is *by design*. These sign-in features are really convenient, but it would mean that suddenly, your activity on ISENG is tracked by these companies. And that's something I cannot condone nor support. So, slightly less convenient, but more privacy-minded. I hope that this privacy policy clears up any concerns you might have about how I store your data, who has access to it and what happens to it. If you have any requests regarding your data storage, [please contact me](mailto:admin@internationalsengroup.org).

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