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Terms and Conditions
Since this website is a free service run by me (Jaap Marsman) as a volunteer, these Terms and Conditions are less formal and more of a "rules to follow" to make the International SEN Group (ISENG) a positive and engaging online platform to meet other professionals like yourself. Since I want to ensure all new users are who they say they are, I personally approve each individual member signing up. This means there might sometimes be a delay before your account becomes active. Living in Hong Kong (out of timezone for many) with a fulltime job means that the time I can dedicate to ISENG can be limited. **By signing up to this website, you promise to...** - Not advertise anything in any way. This includes your own services. You can of course recommend materials in the appropriate Spaces (the Intervention Exchange, for example). - Treat others in a friendly, cordial and respectful manner. This includes all language involving neurodiversity, LGBTQI+, ethnicity, gender or any other measure of how people are "different" to one another. This community is a safe space for all. - Keep the conversations in English. If you wish to set up a separate Meeting Space in your own language, this is of course allowed. However, all the shared spaces open to all need to be in English to allow access to most people. - You will respect copyright law. And privacy law. Therefore don't post any copyrighted materials nor photographs with identifiable people in it (students, staff, parents or otherwise). If you're in doubt whether you can post something, check with me and I'll advise you on the best way forward. - Do not post any "offensive" material. Any material which constitutes defamation, harassment, or abuse is strictly prohibited. Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene, racist, or otherwise overly discriminatory is not permitted on these forums. This includes user pictures. Use common sense while posting. This is a web site for educational professionals. - All discussion is to be "on topic". Use the General Discussion space for a "anything goes" discussion. All other spaces are to stay strictly to the topic mentioned. If you break any of these rules, I reserve the right to (without notification) ban you from access. It depends on the severity of the incident, but I really want to engender a safe and open place for all people involved in SEN to come together and share. That's it for now. In future, depending on the popularity of this platform, there are many different and exciting things to explore together. Membership registration could include certificates, a more "formal" registration, video chats, etc. For now though, I think a simple "Let's build an online community" goal should be the first thing we aim for together.

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